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Why I am Unable to Access My Yahoo Mail Account? Is it Really Blocked?

With millions of internet users accessing Yahoo on a daily basis, most of them are able to sign-in successfully by entering their correct login credentials. They can be considered fortunate enough as some of the internet users; who signed up with this mail server about half a decade back, are not able to access their personal or official e-mail account. Users can be seen in anxiety as they are not able to login into Yahoo, which was getting accessed successfully from last many days. With no voice support provided by Yahoo to its mail users; it becomes really difficult to know what actually happened with their login details, which was working fine some hours back.

With some of the users contacting Yahoo by availing its e-mail support; the feedback came out really shocking for them as it was mentioned that e-mail has been blocked by Yahoo due to notorious or malicious activities from the user's end. The users generally feel quite depressed when they come to know that their mail has been blocked as they themselves lot of important emails and data in the form of attachments. Other than this, their bank account and financial activities are linked with the e-mail, which gets blocked due to unknown reasons.

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Signs/Indications to Know If the Email Account has been blocked.

  • Mail not getting accessed even after entering correct login id and password.
  • Error showing «Your account has been blocked» after trying to recover the same by providing a secondary e-mail address.
  • E-mail not getting accessible even after resetting Yahoo Password.
  • Unable to regain access to mail even after removing clearing caches, cookies and temporary internet files from the browser.

Here are some of the reasons Why Yahoo Email Account is Blocked All of the Sudden.

  • Yahoo Account blocked due to a large number of messages sent to recipients.
  • Sending bulk attachments to unknown users; who mark these kinds of unwanted mails as spam.
  • Logging into same electronic mail address from more than one device at one time.
  • Making several attempts to sign-in with incorrect login credentials.
  • Saving login details on PCs installed at a public place and it gets hacked after some time.
  • Sharing e-mail address for the free subscription to third party app or software.

Methods Available to Unlock Personal or Official Yahoo Email Account.

  • In case you have configured your e-mail address in third party e-mail client software, then it is advisable to remove POP and IMAP settings as soon as possible.
  • Sign out from all yahoo mail opened on multiple instances of the different web browser.
  • Remove all kind of access rendered to all third party apps and software.
  • Clear all caches, cookies as well as temporary internet files and reopen Yahoo mail. check yahoo mail. best mail
  • It is quite evident that mail address will be unconstrained and unlocked as soon as possible. The email lockout will be removed within 12 hrs.

An internet user with technical knowledge can follow the above-mentioned steps and perform the actions accordingly. In the case of non -technical person; who has no idea on how to follow the procedure to unlock blocked email account, Yahoo phone support is available for those users ; who can contact technical support experts by dialing third party Yahoo helpdesk phone number to get their email address unlocked .

Rickey Wilson Photo Ricky Wilson is a passionate author and writes articles on issues related to sudden blocking of Yahoo email account. He also recommends users to take the assistance of <a website technical support experts by dialing third party <a website customer service number 1-855-855-6595 (United States/Canada) or +44-800-051-3717 (United Kingdom).

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