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The Secret of Advertising.

Advertising is money.

This has come to be recognized as a principle in business.
Competition is so keen, and we live in such busy times, that an entrepreneur’s only chance of success lies in proclaiming the merits of his products or services far and wide, up and down the media, and if possible globally.

He must act like the trumpeter in advance of the procession; its business is to attract attention. He must keep showing his product or service, the public attention must be not only sustained but also preserved, and he who best succeeds in this has the best chance of making a fortune in the process.

In this conviction almost every entrepreneur advertises. It is found not to be sufficient for the brick and mortar entrepreneur to put up a sign over his door, or for the internet marketer a banner in some web page, for AdvertiseKC people to come and look at; they must send out their signs and banners far and AdvertiseKC wide, with the spread like idea and purpose of infection, and makes people see it and remember it in spite of themselves, like a virus.

To do this effectually requires tact and knowledge. It may be done costly and ineffective, or cheap and profitable. All depends on how it is set about. It must be done boldly.

For entrepreneurs there is like a secret power in advertising. Good advertising is nothing more nor less than good instructive and descriptive communication; the frank honest kind that convinces. A <A website entrepreneur should be aware, and most probably is, that if that communication is unnatural, AdvertiseKC unreal, or insincere…it’s dead.

To give it life, AdvertiseKC the secret power is … personality. In all good form of advertisement there is a tremendous psychic influence; since the advertising to be effective must be simply incidental to the personal attachment created.

An ad of forty words should make the reader think four thousand words; a sales letter of four hundred, forty thousand; and a few minutes internet video or a TV commercial like the Oscar winning movie of the year. That’s exactly where the whole secret resides.

It isn’t what you say, write or film that counts, but the chain of thought which your advertising creates.

The obvious advice of this ‘secret’ to the entrepreneur,or the <A website business entrepreneur is that if he advertises and he wants to have a successful advertising campaign, he should communicate with its prospects the same as he should communicate across the counter with a costumer, face to face…heart to heart .

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