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Основана в 1801, возрождена в 2002 году.
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‘Gene Simmons Family Jewels:’ Gene Simmons To Propose, Does Tweed Accept?

Gene Simmons’ biography really is as intriguing and interesting considering that the man himself — ‘The Demon’ belonging to the popular 1970’s hard rock band — Make out! Gene Simmons, or originally Chaim Witz, was born on August 25, 1949, in Haifa, Israel. This Israeli-born ‘American’ immigrated to New York City, as he was eight years old, with his mother Florence Klein who has been a Jewish Hungarian immigrant. His father, Feri Witz, also Jewish, had abandoned the folks.

Tonight on October 1, 2012 Shannon and Gene are finally married. Wedding party took place in Beverly Hills, California within a hotel. About 400 guests were present including Hugh Hefner. Hef tweeted earlier about attending the holiday.

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They were also the first band things effective associated with merchandising to advertise their entertainment. Their image was so unique that we were able in order to toys, games, and even their own pinball machine! In fact, there are now more than 2,500 products that bear finding that name. Put on pounds . toilet paper, condoms, fragrances for both men and women, or a KISS casket! OK, so that last the a bit over the queue for most fans, but it surely does exist nonetheless! They provided a television film, and m.scr888 download even had a comic book series created by Marvel comics! The two issues that were printed in 1978 are now collectors belongings.

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